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Helen’s dairy diary

Sun shining , new flavours and the Maize maze being planted!

07 May

After the longest wettest winter for 30 years the sun is finally out and shining! This has meant the summer meadow is now fully dry and all the animals on the farm are finally out enjoying the sun shine!

In the ice cream parlour I have had some time to try out a few new creations including Liquorice with Raspberry fudge.

You may have noticed that we have added another Orange elephant to our growing herd with the elephant head above the counter, you can see him when you walk in the front door!

The most exciting news is however that this year's Maize maze has finally been planted! It will be a few months growing now before it is finally ready but we will keep you posted as it grows to be ready for this years maze.

We also have two new developments that you are going to love but can not tell you quite yet, all will be revealed soon!

Till next month!

- Mrs T

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