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Dadmore Dairy- Our Regen farming journey

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Our family has been farming at Lower Brenton for five generations. The farm itself is more than 800 years old. While making milk and ice cream that everyone can enjoy, we have a responsibility to look after the land, soil, rivers, wildlife, as well as our cows, sheep, pigs, and hens. Growing food hand-in-hand with nature can help limit global warming, reverse dramatic losses to biodiversity, keep soils fertile for the future, and maintain the beautiful Devon landscape that belongs to us all.

We are looking to introduce more Regenerative' or 'Regen' farming practices on the farm to help us achieve these goals.

‘Regenerative' or 'Regen' farming encompasses a range of techniques that collectively improve the environment. Practices we have started or are planning to introduce include:

— Rotational grazing, using the cow’s manure to fertilize the soil
— Planting pasture with diverse grasses, herbs, legumes, and flowers
— Regular monitoring of soil health, including organic matter and carbon content
— Laying new traditional Devon hedgerows for wildlife to thrive
— Planting native trees to extend existing woodland
— Breeding healthy cows well suited to grazing outdoors
— Using renewable energy for farm buildings and switching to electric vehicles
— Maintaining and extending public footpaths to welcome friends, neighbours and the wider community to the farm

Keep up to date on our Regen journey on Dadmore Dairy Instagram page for stories and pictures as our plan takes shape.

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