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Finally re opened!

06 Apr

Despite another spell of snow and lots of rain we are finally re open for the season ! For this Easter we are open every day for the holidays 10 AM to 5 PM after which we revert to Friday, Saturday, Sunday openings.

We have made a number of changes for the new season. With the introduction of our new ice cream counter, the number of flavours we have out has risen from 18 to 36, making even harder for you to choose the one you want. The new serving set up means we can serve up to three people in one go, speeding up service.

We have added to the Summer meadow too, there is a new toddlers play station as well as a larger kids play station on the far side of the river. Given the weather it is muddy out in the meadow so if you do want to go out and play then you will need to bring your wellies along with you!

On the farm the weather has meant the cows had to come back in for a bit but are now back out there eating the grass.

Hope you like all the changes we have made, and look forward to seeing you all this Easter!

- Mrs T

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