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Helen’s dairy diary

End of the season, calving and the New year!

30 Dec

The ice cream parlour shut its door at the start of November and what a season it was. Thank you to all you amazing people who came out, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

However it was no peace for the wicked as it was straight into rearing our baby calves. We finished calving at the start of November and finally weaned our babies in mid December.

All the cows came in for the winter in mid November and will stay in until the Spring. The weather has not been as wet or cold as last winter and we are hoping that continues as it makes life easier on the farm.

We also had the honour having our eldest donkey Basil taking part in the Exeter cathedral Nativity service, he did so well and is already looking forward to next year!

Having had a nice break from ice cream for a few months we are already starting to think about opening. Have got lots of fresh ideas and plans for next season which we will start putting into place in the new year.

Until then from everyone here at the Orange Elephant we hope you had a great christmas and a have happy new year!

See you all next month!

Mrs T

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