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Orange Elephant Ice cream Parlour is now open for 2017!

22 Mar

Since we closed our doors in September there has been no let up in activity on the farm. We ended up calving over 300 cows, whose calves all had to be fed milk daily until they had been weaned. Will, my son who is back working with us on the farm having graduated from university, and I were mixing up over 200 litres of milk powder for these babies twice a day at one point! One hundred of these have been retained and will form part of the milking herd going forward. The cows have since come in for winter and are now back out in the fields again, enjoying the spring grass.

But now that Spring is here it is back to the Ice cream! We re open this year on the 31st March for the Easter Holidays. The freezers are full of delicious ice cream with many flavours available, some old and some new.

The Summer Meadow animals are all moving in, with three little pigs, chickens and ewes with their lambs already here. Two calves will also be joining them along with a new animal friend who will be revealed in the coming weeks. The play equipment in the meadow has also been updated and expanded, meaning kids can have even more fun out in the sun.

Only a few days to go now, looking forward to seeing you all!


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