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Helen’s dairy diary

Cows out and elephant bath time!

14 Mar

The sun has been shining on the farm for the last month and with the grass growing the cows have gone out grazing again! They will still come in for the nights until the clocks change when it will be warmer enough for them to go out for both day and night.

Ice cream production has also started for the new season! I have so far mainly been making the more regular flavours, but starting next week I am starting on the more exotic options as well as some new ideas, we will keep you posted!

Along with some more cleaning and meadow preparations, our Orange elephant has also had a bath! He will return to his position by the road once he has had a a new coat of paint.

Our next post will be when we will be all open, looking forward to see you all on April 5th!

- Mrs T

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